My Story

It all started quite simply really. Imagine having a small, sparkly, colourful mound of gems and crystals in front of you. You see some beautiful blue gemstones and suddenly the urge is there to create a necklace or earrings. Put on some great music add a wild imagination and little wonder the impulse is there to create something beautiful.

Strangely, but maybe not really so strangely, it took me forever to finally realize how much my inert creativity was bubbling up, and to finally pursue something I’ve wanted to do for so long.

“If I can inspire someone else to try something they’ve always wanted to do or to at least make something pretty for them that will bring a little tiny bit of joy to their day, then that makes me happy.” ~ Antje Schoepper

On a slightly more sombre note, anxiety has been a part of my life for over 10 years, and the thought that when I’m depressed, anxious or even bored, I can just pull out a few gemstones and let the imagination roam, makes me feel better already.

Knowing that, while I’m putting together a new design, the deepest thought I will have during these trying times is “what colours should I put together for this bracelet” is somehow comforting, my mind becomes focused and I actually start to become less depressed or anxious when I’m working away at making enchanting jewelry.

With the help and support of the love of my life, my family and friends, as well as the creative website designer Anke Sabo and a bunch of co-workers and even strangers that keep buying my jewelry and adding their insights, my passion became reality!

Thank you,

Antje Schoepper


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